Week 3 _ My Proposal and Argument Points

A basic premise that is common to all is learning is an active process. In the learning situation that I proposed, is a blended approach, but it depends on the context of the training and the desired outcomes expected.

I personally prefer using a constructivism. In the educational process, learning needs assessment is crucial. Different learning theories and methods suit learners and instructors differently. There needs to be a starting point for advocating one specific theory over another.  

What I would like to suggest is that we examine Malcom Knowles principles of adult learning. The readings did not reference Knowles contributions in informal adult education and self-knowledge and andragogy. Andragogy is the art and science of helping adults learn. He offers five assumptions of adult learning. (1) Adults are independent and self-directing. (2) They have a great deal of experiences that is a rich source of learning. 3) They value learning that is useful in their daily lives. (4)They are problem centered that offers immediate approaches rather that subject centered approaches. (5) Adults are motivated to learn by internal drives rather than external ones.

I believe an effective learning program can be developed if the assumptions of adult learning are woven into the training program. The learner must be active contributor to the process. Learning is related to solving real problems, and current knowledge and experience are critical to the learning situation.

Each theory has limitations, but selective theory must be adaptive to learner’s reactions.


About frankohara

Instructional Design Technology student, enrolled at West Virginia University. Currently enrolled in Course work instructed by Ugar Kale, Ph.D, at West Virginia University. Current, Fall 2010, course work is IDT Issues and Trends.
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