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Instructional Design Technology student, enrolled at West Virginia University. Currently enrolled in Course work instructed by Ugar Kale, Ph.D, at West Virginia University. Current, Fall 2010, course work is IDT Issues and Trends.

Paper_ Draft – Health Litearcy – Instructional Design

Introduction: The instructional system design process (ISD) often overlooks health literacy. This paper has two purposes. First, I will examine health literacy and its social implications by describing instructional design process and its relationship to curriculum design using instructional design … Continue reading

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Week 11 _ Research in IT: Concepts, Paradigm, Methods, and Trends

Question 2: Based on research conducted in instructional technology field, what are your thoughts on the importance of the research questions and the effectiveness of the research methodologies? How good are these questions and research methodologies? What suggestions do you … Continue reading

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Week 10_ Digital Technolgies_ Interactive Technolgies_

Question: Are the claims and enthusiasm about using interactive technologies in an organizational justified? What methods will enhance the ways of training employees by incorporating such technologies?              The best use of on-line learning resources are those that offer best … Continue reading

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Situation: Implementation Change and Adoption – Developing a Plan

Situation: The State School Superintendent, recently notified the county school superintendent the high school English program county scores are not meeting state standards, additional the state has recommended increasing integrating technology within the English curriculum and instruction. You are an expert … Continue reading

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Week 7: Making a case for worker or program member evaluation

Problem Situation:  Often workers or community organizational members do not fully recognize, understand or value the importance and evaluation process. For the worker, s/he is concerned if evaluation results in improved job training, job satisfaction and retention. Community program and … Continue reading

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Valuing the Adult Learner

Week 6_Presentation_Valuing the Adult LearnerWeek 6_Presentation_Valuing the Adult Learner   This presentation examines characteristics of adult learning and applies these characteristics to instructional system design  (ISD).  ISD is “the process of specifying the conditions for learning.” (Seals & Richie, 1994, p. … Continue reading

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Does Media Affect Learning?

            I will be honest, I am a visual learner, at least that is what I think and believe. There is ample evidence our lives are enriched using media technology. Although television is designed for entertainment, it also has redeeming … Continue reading

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